viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

I want my skin to look like her's


I want my skin to look like Kim's in this picture from Russian Glamour. Sth I find quite impossible with my superpale skin. Actually an impossible craving thought I know make-up's such an important role in this golden skin...

After that beauty-craving while having breakfast, I MUST keep on studying. I am taking an exam in less than 6 hours!

Enjoy your Friday,

8 comentarios:

fany dijo...

yo tb!!!! la verdad que algo de photoshop supongo que habra!!!


Jaydi.. dijo...

i want too!!!

Marina S. dijo...

anda, y yo! y todo el mundo!
pero estoy de acuerdo con fany... seguro q hay photoshop de por medio


Montse dijo...

Personalmente me encanta la piel blanquita, a lo Dita Von Teese :) (yo soy muuuy blanca jaja)
Un besazo!

Iris dijo...

Me too! ! !
Summer is almost here! Can't wait!

kristina dijo...

love the eyes

Anónimo dijo...


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